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Standard Tenant Screening - $49

This package verifies a candidates information based on their social security number, name, addresses, and date of birth.  It adds a nationwide state-level criminal records search that may include felony, misdemeanor, civil and traffic convictions. We also search the nationwide sex offender registry and terrorist watchlist. A financial report is provided showing the credit worthiness of the candidate as well. Responses vary by court but are typically returned the same day.

NOTE: A signed consent form must be faxed in order to receive these results.

  • Verifies Name
  • Provides Other Names & Aliases
  • Shows Current & Past Addresses
  • Confirms Date of Birth
  • Verifies the Social Security Number
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search
  • Terrorist Watchlist Search
  • Credit & Financial Snapshot

Your Name

Your Company (if applicable)

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Candidates Full Name   (i.e. John Walter Smith)

Candidates Date of Birth   (i.e. 10/17/1964)

Candidates Social Security Number

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Drug Testing - $45 - What is this?

Driving Records - $29 - What is this?
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Employment Verification- $19 - What is this?
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Education Verification- $19 - What is this?
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Date Graduated

Some of the information reported by Staff Patrol, including personal and criminal records, is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The provisions of the FCRA can be found at Completing this order constitutes acceptance and compliance with all applicable provisions of the FCRA.

NOTE: You must keep a record on file of the signed authorization from the person being screened. We reserve the right to request a copy of this authorization at any time. For security purposes, your IP address is being recorded as part of this transaction.

I agree with the above requirements.