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Your Toaster May Have Eyes – The Onslaught of Spy Cameras

A myriad of household items may now be watching your every move. As video electronics and wireless technology are miniaturized, you may think you are in a James Bond movie.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) August 29, 2005 -- Imagine your home phone noticing movement while your gone and calling you to listen in. Your wall clock may not only be telling time, but sending a full video stream of the room to a wireless receiver over a mile away.

Staff Patrol, a security and investigations firm, has created a formidable product line to counter burglars, employee theft, or mischievous behavior. Their line-up has grown from personal defense products to miniature wireless camera kits that can protect an entire home or business. These wireless devices are practically undetectable and provide a complete record of whats going on.

A Staff Patrol customer explains, Our business not only relies on solid background checks of our employees, but also constant monitoring of our business environment. Our clients expect us to maintain security to protect their assets and these new products allow just that."

While the standard camera systems in department stores are still the norm, dont be surprised if they seem to disappear in the near future. The standard home that appears to be unprotected could have many eyes guarding it. Products currently available from Staff Patrol include cameras with motion detection and infrared night vision. There is even a system that literal speaks to you if any of the protected zones are compromised.

About Staff Patrol, Inc. - Staff Patrol provides investigative services for both commercial clients and individuals. The primary business model is to offer affordable and effective background check solutions using advanced technology and personally monitored service. Staff Patrol is becoming one of the most respected resources for individual and business security.

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