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New Self Defense Options Now Available to the General Public

The unique services of a local DC investigative agency are being augmented with a variety of self-defense products.  Mass reductions in crime-related injuries and theft are expected.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 2, 2005  - Staff Patrol provides both companies and individuals the ability to screen potential employees, contractors, or hired help.  One of the most unique features has been the ability to investigate your own information to check for signs of identity fraud.  “As a security-themed company, we have had requests for personal protection products for a long time.  By offering a variety of self-defense items, we feel we have answered the call.”   

“Many of these items have been available to our law enforcement clients and we have opened up the distribution to the concerned public.  Research has shown that a person’s chances of survival or escape during an attack are drastically increased when armed with a personal protection device. The items that Staff Patrol is offering are non-lethal products designed to allow emergency escape if attacked or put in a life-threatening situation.” says a company spokesperson.

“Staff Patrol has had a long history of protecting its clients in one form or another.  We feel this product line is a logical add on that will benefit the population.  The bottom line is that crimes will continue against innocent people.  We feel it is important that they have a feeling of security that could potentially save their life.”

Fortunately, most states see the importance of these devices and allow them to be carried without any special permit or license.  The company’s goal is to assist in reducing crimes and the potential risk of injury when they do happen.  Staff Patrol will be addressing additional products as this new offering matures.  The current product suite is offered online at

About Staff Patrol, Inc. - Staff Patrol provides investigative services for both commercial clients and individuals. The primary business model is to offer affordable and effective background check solutions through advanced web-based technology. With the new addition of self-defense products, Staff Patrol is becoming one of the most respected resources for individual and business security.